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Start your own piercing business in 5 days

Learn everything you need to know during the one and only piercing course!

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Is it your dream to become a piercer? Then you have come to the right place!

We have been organizing courses for over 10 years, and guarantee that you are in good hands.

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Soon you will open your own piercing studio and have the opportunity to make customers happy with unique personalized looks and beautiful jewelry.

You do work that you enjoy.

You will gain experiences while making people happy

You’ll never have to work for a boss again!

I arrived in the Netherlands as a refugee from Bosnia 20 years ago with a small child.

We didn't know anyone, didn't have any money and didn't speak the language. We lived in a small village, Willemsoord.

We dreamed of opening a store in the Center of Amsterdam.

It all started with selling jewelry.

We quickly ran out of money and at times our babysitter would make more than we did. People started asking if we sold piercings. We had no idea what they meant and what kind of piercings people wanted. We decided to delve into it and branched out into selling piercings. We would soon found out that we had made the right decision. This is how our company Piercings Works was born.

But soon enough... we were asked to pierce people and change their jewelry ...

We met a very nice man who owned a studio in Alkmaar. He believed in my talent and I took a 3-hour piercing course and used my husband Mensur as my test subject. After the course we had the opportunity to have our own piercing studio pop-up at Pinkpop, Europe’s largest music festival at the time. 

Those three days at Pinkpop were more of a challenge for me than the war I fled!

We soon found out that the course we had taken had been way short and did not provide us with the necessary tools we needed to do our work to the best of our abilities.

In hindsight, we should have practiced a lot more and received more support on how to problem solve in order to have been more prepared. 

We realized that the course wasn’t comprehensive and serious enough. This is why we decided to offer a course that covers everything you need to know. 

I wish this course had been around when we needed it!

Do you want to know how to start your own business, learn all the ins-and outs of piercing and feel confident enough to tackle any problem you may encounter?

Then you've come to the right place!

  • Learn everything from anatomy to materials to sizes and hygiene.
  • Marketing for complete beginners is included and you’ll find out how to help your customers in the best possible way.

Are you done muddling through without success?

piercing opleiding

Ready for a more professional approach?

  • Tired of missed opportunities?
  • Do you want to help people but is a lack of education stunting your progress?
  • Is your business not successful enough?
  • Do you want to get started but are you not sure where and how to begin?
  • Do you lack the necessary experience?
  • Would you benefit from the necessary guidance and training?

Do you want this?

  • Find out how you can work fast and clean so that your customers feel at ease and leave satisfied
  • Learn how to open your own studio or get started as an independent contractor at a piercing studio
  • Confidently pierce people and take away any insecurities and doubts they may have
  • In this course you will learn all the tricks of the trade and we will share our many years of experience with you
  • Learn everything about marketing, applying for permits, how to get started as an entrepreneur and the tricks to make your business successful.
  • Are you ready to help people and provide them with the right advice?
  • Do you want to open your own studio and get started as a business owner?
  • Curious to find out how to apply for a GGD permit?
  • Are you not one not shy away from a challenge and can you handle a drop of blood?
  • Do you want to enjoy your work and watch people leave with a smile on their face?
  • Have you always dreamed of being able to work anywhere in the world?

Then this course is for you!

Start your own piercing business in 5 days!

The course is open to everyone from the age of 18, provided you are not afraid of a little blood and would like to learn something new. Not completely convinced yet? Click here for the dates for our 1.5 hour introductory workshop.

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What’s included:

  • GGD guidelines
  • E-Book
  • Practice - Piercing
  • Starter pack
  • Online support
  • Full online training
  • Access to the webpage where you can ask your questions about the training. These will be answered within 2 hours (Or call 06 535 55 143)
  • Video of the complete course taken by the previous group
  • All this can be done from home. This way you are able to learn everything at your own pace and in your own time. The sky's the limit! You can develop yourself into a top piercer!

Contents starter package:

With this starter package you can practice on a piece of poultry at home, so you immediately learn which instruments to use for different piercings. 

(Click here for the dates for the course. We offer it 4 times a year) 

We provide you with all the necessary materials (to practice at home)

Don't worry about test subjects, we'll take care of that! 

Piercing exchange Set
Piercing tools

(€ 420,- value)

If you sign up for the course today, you will receive these extras:

  • You get FREE access to two extra videos
  • We’ll send you our book "Help! My child wants a piercing / tattoo“  (€ 24.95)  for FREE!
  • Ask us anything up until a year after completion of the course and we are happy to answer all your questions and provide support
  • Receive all necessary materials you need to practice (€ 340,- value) FREE of charge
  • Many other extras
  • In addition, there is the possibility to join us for a 10-day internship after you have successfully completed the course
    (dates are flexible and based on your availability) 

Temporary offer: receive a 1.128 euro discount!

We initially offered this course for € 4898 but due to the current situation and the fact that we want to teach as many people as possible about this profession, we are now temporarily offering it at the price of € 3770

A great deal for a 5 day intensive course! Coffee and lunch ar included and the course is held in a separate location and will take place above our studio in Amsterdam. 

Are you unable to attend the course in person? No problem! We’ve now made it possible to follow the course live via Zoom. Exams can be taken at our studio or any studio of your choice.

Student experiences after 2 years: 

A friend of mine owns a make-up studio and was looking for a piercing artist. Due to a dispute at my old job, I was looking for something new and this course caught my eye. I wondered where I wanted to be in a year's time and knew I wanted to start my own business. The fact that I liked piercing only accelerated the process. I could take the time to learn more about it and my old employer paid for the course. Now I have my own company in my girlfriend's salon in IJsselstein. We were even taught how to apply for a permit from the GGD and Ira still helps me every now and then when I have questions. I can  just send her a Whatsapp message. If I had not taken this course I would not have been able to start working for myself.

- Rinda -

" I had already gained some experience by working at Piercings Works because I could watch and learn about different piercing materials and sizes. When I was hired here last year I also took the course. During the course I learned many new things and gained a lot of knowledge. Everything was explained well and in great detail and Ira took plenty of time for everything. I wanted to learn to pierce at a younger age but had to wait because I was younger than 18. It was a very valuable addition. Even if you already have some experience.

I now work in the shop but want to start piercing here or gain experience at another studio. What I also really liked was the fact that people of all ages participated in the course and it appealed to all kinds of different people.

It’s an investment that will pay off in no time!"


- Cadicha -

What is your investment for the piercing course?

10 months

10 months
  • 10 x € 387 including VAT
  • GG & GD guidelines
  • Learn everything you need to know in the one and only piercing course! 
  • Practice - Piercing + Starter package
  • Full online training


6 months


6 months

  • 6 x € 638 including VAT
  • GG & GD guidelines
  • Learn everything you need to know in the one and only piercing course!
  • Practice - Piercing + Starter package
  • Full online training

One-time payment

One-time payment
  • € 3770 including VAT
  • GG & GD guidelines
  • Learn everything you need to know in the one and only piercing course!
  • Practice - Piercing + Starter package
  • Full online training

For any additional questions you may have, you can call us at 0653555143 and ask for Ira 

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